he's a working machine

my sister's father in law is amazing! amazing! he is 70 years old with a heart of gold. if i had to guess his love language it might be acts of service. i am posting this while out of town, because he will fuss at me for drawing attention to him. he is quiet and humble and he needs to know how much he is appreciated.
throughout the year he arranges work days for the youth. the kids will rake yards for widows, cut grass for the elderly... perform acts of service for those who need a little help. 

and when roger smoak is around, plan for a fun day, but not a relaxing one. even though he has a heart of gold, he is a drill sergeant. this man is a working machine and in his presence you best be one too ;) oh yes you will fellowship. but fellowship while in motion. 

and then look what we received in the mail. a thank you note for bringing them a sac of sandwiches. a long sincere thank you note that i shared with my kids. taking time to hand write this long humbling letter and mail via a stamp and mailbox for something so small. this means so much in the day of text messages and emails.  he pays it forward all of the time and then thanks us for sandwiches. a fine christian example. little roger will take pride in his namesake.
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