proudest moment

the proudest moment in our parenting career has been when our three children accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. we feel that our primary role as parents is to make sure our kids are obedient as followers of Jesus Christ. yesterday our last child affirmed her faith! it was mary claire's big day. jeff and i had hearts overflowing with pride and joy.

 our children have been fortunate to grow up in the same church. pastor bruce baptized all of our children. 
 a lot of smiling yesterday!
one tidbit that made her day a little more memorable was a broken water heater in the baptismal pool. i dipped a finger in water. oh my, now that's cold!  so many kind people trying to heat the water with portable heaters. thankfully it brought the temperatures from arctic to icy cold.

"Baptism is an outward sign of our new life in Christ."

"For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." 
it is a wonderful feeling to have the assurance of our children's salvation. all of them!  we are so blessed!
and as for the chilly water,
one of her sunday school teachers said it best,
"cold water makes for a warm heart!"

Jillian said...

Ahh I found memories of First Baptist and Pastor Bruce! My family and I were members a while ago. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Did you teach at Watered Elementary? You look very familiar.

Anonymous said...

Amen!!!!! It surely is a wonderful thing to know your children will be in heaven.
Linda Marsh

CathyMA said...

Priceless! She will never forget this. That could be one of those stories told over and over, "well when I was baptized…"

Dennis Cannon said...

Congratulations on Mary Claire's baptism. She looks so happy and beautiful. I bet you were filled with awe and happiness when she got baptized. I guess the broken water heater will be a good story to tell when she recalls that event. Hopefully, the next ones to be baptized won't experience the same thing, but then again, where's the fun in that, right? Hahaha! All the best to the whole family! :)

Dennis Cannon @ Laird & Son

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