rehab breakthrough

so today at the balizean rehab center things was amazing! i haven't been voted off of the island yet. not really, voting is not a part of the therapy program.  but if my group were to vote, i would be the first to go. mostly because they know i am dying to tour the mainland. today we took a snorkeling trip. isn't this a great picture for embarrassing my kids!
i have a major phobia of what lies beneath the ocean. it is an unreasonable fear, but real fear it is. my huge breakthrough today was... getting into the water. i (really) had a panic attack. i was trying to do so quiet and discretely, as not to draw attention to myself. but the sweet instructor could tell i was about to die panicked and help calm my unreasonable fears. he asked, "what are you afraid of?" my husband answered for me, "everything."

pictures compliments of my friend.

after a few minutes all was good. i even remained in the water after seeing a five foot barracuda, which looked so much like a shark minus the fin, teeth and jaws music.

 our guide was a great, showing us all kinds of amazing things.
 my favorite was an upside down jellyfish.

one more thing and my time in the internet hit is up. 
my wildlife pictures for today are a married couple. educated guess is that they are husband and wife ;)

 on of the highlights of the trip has been making friends with complete strangers. three of us are celebrating our 20th anniversary, a few are dating, a couple of newlyweds and one couple has been married 40 years. yesterday at dinner we laughed until we cried with a two precious souls married for only six moths. it's been a unique experience. 

tomorrow we will say our goodbyes and board the boat for mainland. jeff and i are renting a taxi for the day ($50, can you believe that?) and driving all over the place until we have to leave. i am making up my own excursions!
Carolyn McGaha said...

I'm laughing out loud at your reference to these birds as a married couple . . . I assume the one standing on the dock is the "wife" in light of the fact that her mouth is wide open and she's probably yelling at him about something (anything) :)

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