so i am blogging in the 'internet hut' from turneffe atoll in belize. the resort looks like a little slice of heaven on earth. everything i love from salt water to palm trees. the huts are quaint, the water transparent and the beaches are so untouched they are lined with gigantic conch shells. simply amazing to soak in. 

i realized fifteen minutes after arriving that someone... that someone being me, did not read the fine print about the resort. 

here is what i knew:
we would fly into belize city and from there it would be another two hour boat ride to our island.  a remote atoll with no internet, televisions or radios. i knew it was small and secluded. we are on the island with 30 other people and the workers. 

here's what i did not know: 

that the thing people love most about this resort is the isolation. complete, utter isolation. as in when you get here, you can not leave. no water taxi coming and going. if you must get off the island, a private charter plane can be arranged for $700 a round trip (i asked.) there are no scooters, conch trains or car rentals. and certainly no shopping. 

i did not know the entire island is powered by a generator. which i find fascinating! but this shows how remote we really are. all water is filtered from the ocean and tastes  amazing!! i found the power station hidden on the end of the island.

 i keep singing the song from gilligan's island!

my husband feels like he has landed in paradise! this chill place is polar opposite from our go-go-go honeymoon. we have a little hammock on our porch, right beside the crystal blue water, the temperature is perfection and the activities are limited.  relaxing is all you can do

jeff has always asked for a vacation where you simply chill out! his wish has finally come true. 

 ME on the other hand... i had researched belize for days. cross referenced websites with trip advisor, i had an excursion planned for everyday. the mayan ruins, the rainforest, the monkey conservatory... i had a jam up itinerary! but what i didn't research was a way off the island. which would have been fruitless anyway.

so we have kayaked, walked every inch of the island,  read books... book with an S. we have gone shelling, seen the milky way like never before. we have hunted for crocodiles (with a flashlight and camera) and i am photographing, of all things, nature.

i feel like i am in rehab! i keep thinking, i booked my own stay at an intervention center. smack in the dab of the gulf of mexico bonding with strangers while ridding myself of busy toxins. mildly suffering from the dt's.  
but it has been lovely! even though i didn't realize it, we needed the relaxation. and i can't wait to share the pictures of our therapy session group activity hand crafting instruments using only things found in nature. 
tell me this doesn't scream intervention when you want to be shopping for fake purses and exploring mountains on a scooter!? again, jeff was in heaven!

tomorrow there is a snorkeling trip to a far away reef probably in shark infested waters. guess who was the first to sign up? ME! the person deathly afraid of things that can eat you. an excursion swimming with sharks!  sign me the heck up! i am making progress!
Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

That is too funny! I wouldn't be able to relax, I would be too busy having anxiety attacks realizing I couldn't easily get off the island! ;)

The 1st of May said...

Sounds incredible! Reminds me of "A Gift From the Sea". Truly a gift!

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