valentine wigs

happy valentine's day! we are celebrating with another day off from school. this ice storm was a doozie! 
we have big plans to clean up the snow mess and then dinner out with my sweethearts. 
valentine's day at school will be postponed until monday.

i must say this year mary claire's valentines are just fabulously hysterical! 
the enchanting world of kitty wigs

i would love to be a fly on the wall, watching executives  brainstorm off the wall cat ideas. and the line of photographers begging for the job ~ it must be a mile long!  the men with cats calendar is my personal favorite! 
mary claire found them at tjmaxx. 

she already had a box of 'purrfect flower kitties' 

gotta love the dirty nails from digging in her garden.
i use the word garden very loosely!
she couldn't pass up a box of 32 kitten cards for .99 at target.
her friends will be receiving valentine packets ;)

next year i am planning my own line of valentine cards:
{wieners in wigs}

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