my big kids gussied up for the carolina cup.
my easter pictures have begun. 
isn't my bunny the prettiest? he is a loner bunny, not really mine. we are taking extra extra good care of him. keeping this fellas s.a.f.e. he has a name ya' know. scary when they have names. that means the owners love and cherish him. and my dog knows he tastes like chicken. two more weeks.
 this would fall under the hash-tag #romantichusband ;)lately our quiet country road hasn't been all that quiet.  new houses mean lots of construction traffic. within the last few weeks, while exercising i have gotten the heebie jeebies. i carry a can of jogger mace. but jeff is convinced i need to carry a firearm or use the treadmill. a compromise,  a pepper blaster to go along with a jogger fogger! ;) one for each hand. no i just need a gps chip and an alarm implanted in my wrist. or maybe a running bra that shoots bullets... like on austin powers ;)
 the things i find...
bobby bowl by bennett

 spring is here and kittyboy has already started slaying snakes...
 practice driving

 6:30 am, daddy is out of town, AK has an 8am dentist appointment.  perfect excuse for breakfast at IHOP. if only i could eat pancakes!
 orthodontist's report: 
"wear your rubber-bands or grow old in braces!"
girls in action

 first track meet and i forgot my camera...
 THIS cat thinks she is a house cat.
 picking up my girl from track practice on a sweet rainy day

 we're heading to new york city for spring break. my sister, honey and our girls. we made our reservations at the today show! the girls are crazy excited!
 a picture of everyone was required with the reservation...
this is what i sent ;) 
 a near by family clearly loves their cat way more than we do. this fancy, double sided, heavy card stock, oversized postcard came in the mail! with a reward! hey~ my sister has a black cat ;)
 ice coffee. what the heck? the thought makes me cringe. when i accidentally sip my coffee and it is cold, i make the dry heave face. but there must be something to it. considering coffee shops sell the stuff... and people buy the stuff. so my kids bought me one. and ya' know what? it was every bit as nasty as my coffee cold. i will give coffee shops credit, it's a great way to re-purorse and sell coffee that needs to be thrown away! g.r.o.s.s.

two decades

last week jeff and i celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. two decades married. our 'formal' celebration was  here.  

while i am not openly mushy. i had planned to break out the mush on our big 20. the night before our anniversary, i sorted through the mountain of  old photographs, looking for a few to include. like this one, before we were married. my roommate and i had a half dozen cats in an apartment.

then i hit the baby pictures and the pictures of us as young parents and the people we had lost...it was all over. a few hours and a bucket full of tears later, i was left with more sentimental feelings than energy to write. so here we are several days later and i promised myself i would not post anything until i posted about our anniversary. on to plan B: i will revisit my twenty year anniversary. write another post and fill it full to the brim about how head over heels, madly and insanely in love with my husband. m-u-s-h-eee! i blush writing that. i surely do not want to let this time pass without a mention. 

most of all, when i stop to consider all the ways our marriage has blessed me, i am overwhelmed with gratitude. my heart is full. this mushy husband of mine is my greatest earthly blessing and i love him to pieces. this pictures reminds me of the very beginning of our journey. we had just bought our first home and were days before our wedding. i had no idea the road ahead would be this enjoyable! 

and here we are twenty years later, looking  incredibly blemish free! thanks photoshop! all traces of crows feet and wrinkles ~ effectively removed ;) if only i had a retouching tool for my guy's wild hair.

wishing my sweetheart a happy anniversary, a few days late! praying for at least 20 more! 


last weekend, my sister and brother-in-law celebrated their (12th) wedding anniversary. did you know his mother and i set them up on a blind date? yes, kudos times four to us ;) it's hard to ever wish them a happy anniversary without reminding them to thank me ;) so while they were off celebrating, their four blond cuties were sharing the love with family members. we claimed kept roger. man this kid is so darn adorable! lots more pictures to come... but first up was his saturday morning t-ball practice.

it was a flood of memories. bennett started baseball about the same age. i had forgotten how absolutely precious little boys and baseball can be.

masterpieces for their mimi

happy birthday mrs. smoak! 
my sister has been blessed with an amazing mother in law!
and she knows it! 
today is her birthday. her grandkids wanted to wish their mimi a very special day!
i would offer to sing you happy birthday, but that would be cruel and unusual. 

instead i will say happy~happy birthday with pictures of your adorable grandchildren!

creating masterpieces for their mimi.

 mrs. smoak, you are a blessing to us all!

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