the atmosphere at our house this weekend was a buzz... prom invites.  and in case you didn't know (because i did not) that the 'way' you invite a girl to the prom is a really big deal... thanks pintrest.  my ideal prom invite would be, "building her a cake or something." from one of my favorite movies

bennett had this idea. 
he asked a friend from church. 
a cutie i have watched grow up. 

 and then... his little sister also got invited to the prom. by a friend at church. (they will double date.)
so now the hunt for a dress is on. "what's my price limit, like $500?" princess, how about you take off one zero ;) boys are so much easier in this department. last year it took me ten minutes, a few mouse clicks and  bennett's prom shopping was done forever! i asked for his input and all i got was, "just black." we bought him a black tuxedo for almost the price of renting one. 
teenagers are so much fun! 
really they are!
Melissa said...

I love love love prom dress shopping. I didn't love it for myself, but helping my little sister was the most fun my mom, sis and I have ever had. I think the sales ladies were fighting to see which one had the pleasure of assisting us - seriously, we were that much fun.

My mom's claim to fame was my sister's navy blue ballgown with beading at the top and waist. $7. That's right. Seven Dollars. Tax included. Purchased from the clearance rack at Dillard's in Greenville, SC.

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