stress free? i think not.

our children possess this amazing ability to sense when their parents are finally, momentarily stress free! one collective sigh of relief and they feel the need to pounce!  no stress free moments for their parents! remember my post about bennett finally making a final decision on a college? well he must have read that post and decided to pounce. his status is back to being an undecided. i knew i shouldn't have purchased that citadel mug! he is now strongly leaning towards clemson university. which is a fabulous school! but we are not convinced it is a perfect for for him.

the citadel was/is our first choice for bennett. but it is not our choice. we can assist in the decision making process (and believe me we are), but in the end it is his decision. there's just something mighty appealing to this mother about dropping my people loving son off at school and having him 'locked up' during the week. i imaged fifty percent less college thoughts of him being a star on the show hoarders were fading since his citadel decision.  never mind the citadel does not offer the major of his choice, this institution would teach him to make his bed and shave e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y! that's a life skill worth every penny of a $100,000 degree!

back on our knees we go! i am not buying another collegiate mug until move in day! to be continued...

 back online i go. college paperwork, forms, questionnaires, deposits... it is exhausting. in the middle of a clemson form, anna katherine calls from track practice. "we are done. an hour early." i grabbed my purse and flew out the door. she would already have to wait thirty minutes. a few miles later my gas light turns on. i realize i left my wallet on my desk.  jeff is on the other side of the state and i just cleaned out my car. anna katherine and i scraped together $3.50. we were 30 miles from home and my car gets (on a good day) 15 miles per gallon. i laughed while counting my money for the cashier. i was so grateful for this handful of coins! we made it home on a fume and a prayer! 

a few instagram pictures:

anna katherine's homemade fortune cookies.

is there ever a day that i do not need to go to the grocery store?

the land of milk and honey.
 sunday school lesson

guess who left this in my house!
 chicken of the month! 
i am going to spray him completely white and keep on display!

happy birthday honey!
i love-love tacky unique mugs! 
guaranteed mom points!
a 'free' library in the park
anna katherine teaching camp songs to the GA's
a cold, rainy morning run. 'just get through it.' 
i am not fond of exercising later in the day. 
i need my a.m. dose of crack endorphins!
coolest sunday school lesson. 
thanks mr. butch!
my sweet boy memorizing hamlet's soliloquy
even though he's stressing us out these day...
we are going to miss him more than words can say.
even though we do not celebrate lent.  i am participating in this. 
happy weekend!
Anonymous said...

Everything you are saying is the feelings and same thing we went through last year with our son. 4 years of ROTC plans were to go in the Air Force. Right before graduation he changes his mind ugh! He is at college in Georgia now his decision and he is so happy!!!! I miss him like crazy:) wasn't our plans but, wow have we seen how God had this plan for him laid out. Praise God - for he knows the plans he has for us!!!!!! Blessings!
Linda Marsh
Ocala, Fla.

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