tennis match

mary claire began tennis lessons last fall. so when it was tournament time, we were hesitant about signing her up. she's so new and many of these girls have been playing tennis since  birth ;)
coach kj promised this was a great learning experience. so a $26 registration fee, a cute outfit from target and we were registered for a tennis tournament.
our expectations were not high at all.
like none!
 she was so excited that the trophies were two feet tall. how do you gently tell your very inexperienced, ten year old tennis player to not expect a trophy? our conversation started something like this, "so today... you are probably going to lose. but remember your fruits of the spirit and crying is not allowed." 

 she played two single matches and two doubles. 
it was fun to watch a 'new sport.'

 so our girl played tennis throughout the day from 9am-6:30pm! hello sport that is longer than track and swimming.

 i was only there half of the day before i was off to photograph a wedding (that was absolutely amazing by the way!) jeff texted me the updates. funny updates like, "she is still losing and could our kids play sports measured in games not days?"

  so she didn't go home with a two foot trophy.
in fact she lost every match ;)  

the thrilling part for us was that by the end of the day, she wasn't losing by all that much. we were already seeing improvement. 

 it was SO exciting that two of her classmates came in FIRST place! Ellie and Lucy went home with two giant trophies.
 we were so grateful for the learning experience. 
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