time for book reviews with heidi

 my sister is doubled over laughing right now. because, while i love to read, i am the last person to ask for a book suggestion. i read (maybe) a handful of novels a year. a downside to having a home office is the fact that there is always something 'productive' to do right down the hallway.  so sitting still ~ just reading ~ to me is a guilty pleasure. i make myself motion sick trying to read on the tread mill and when it's bedtime i am sleepy. so i read mostly on vacations and lazy summer days by the pool.

i just came back from a vacation/rehab program that was full of relaxing, carefree days. i am a slow reader and over the course of a week, i read three entire books. hello ~ personal goal!  most days i chilled in those padded lounge chairs for hours reading... waiting for someone to walk by and ask me about my feelings. (part of the five step rehabilitation process for busy people) thankfully the friends we traveled with were avid readers. 
my husband is the biggest reader in our house. but he reads  how to fix things books. i find him to be so darn smart. jeff received his graduation chip from the island rehabilitation program on day one ;) 
 i can't talk authors or new york best sellers. the only book i have read in 2014 is the gospel according to breaking bad. and it was SO good! five star ~ because i am an expert ;) seriously have you seen this show ~ have i asked you this before? ;) an almost stranger recently sought me out just to tell me they 'tried watching breaking bad but it was so vulgar{insert eye roll} i really needed to watch orange is the new black." oh no you didn't just compare those two shows using the word vulgar! i understand how breaking bad is not for everyone. but vulgar compared to that show?! fifteen minutes into episode one and i blocked it on netflix so my kids could never accidentally access. definitions of vulgar obviously vary. 

anyway~ i am trying to do a book review here ;) and work in a few vacation pictures of the places i enjoyed reading ~ i read by the pool ;) reading outside with an e-reader is a nightmare. any suggestions other than paperback or going back inside?

 i have been slowly reading the five love languages for teenagers. first vacation goal (between trips to the rain forest and mayan ruins) was to finish it up! i can't tell you how wonderful this book is. i want to read and soak it in again and again.

 quickly i found out that i would not be traveling to the rain forest or mayan ruins. thankfully i download several books before i exited civilization. next up, was the perfect book to read while on a vacation with your husband ;) it was on the top ten in good reads. personally i did not like it. way too predictable, almost silly. 

i was looking so forward to the number one book of 2013. while the stories were interesting and deeply depressing, this book was all over the place. several short stories that were supposed to tie together in the end. 93% through and i gave up all hopes of them seamlessly fitting together.  i only gave it 2 stars. because i am an expert ;) crystal stop laughing! i did leave my first review on amazon, thankyouverymuch!

my favorite vacation book was the house girl! 
i read this one the fastest! fabulous!

i am head over heels in love with our library's jasamine digital library. if you live in my county, it is worth checking out! 

 while i rarely take time to read novels, i love to flip through a magazine. (after belize i am caught up on all happenings of 2104) i choose an ipad mini so i could carry it in my purse. for fifteen dollars a month, next issue guarantees i have fresh mindless reading on hand at all times!
my favorite every day reads! 
the ones i drink with my morning coffee...
 the best $10 ap ever!

and that's all for book reviews with heidi. my next book review will most likely be a year or two from now. the island rehab program for busy people... i totally faked it for the snickers bars and coke lights ;)  
Cheryl Sparks Photography said...

I am going to download The Gospel According to Breaking Bad, and The House Girl. I read on my Kindle (original) at the beach all summer long! No glare!!! I love it! At home I will read on my i-pad.
So happy you had a wonderful vacation.

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