two decades

last week jeff and i celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. two decades married. our 'formal' celebration was  here.  

while i am not openly mushy. i had planned to break out the mush on our big 20. the night before our anniversary, i sorted through the mountain of  old photographs, looking for a few to include. like this one, before we were married. my roommate and i had a half dozen cats in an apartment.

then i hit the baby pictures and the pictures of us as young parents and the people we had was all over. a few hours and a bucket full of tears later, i was left with more sentimental feelings than energy to write. so here we are several days later and i promised myself i would not post anything until i posted about our anniversary. on to plan B: i will revisit my twenty year anniversary. write another post and fill it full to the brim about how head over heels, madly and insanely in love with my husband. m-u-s-h-eee! i blush writing that. i surely do not want to let this time pass without a mention. 

most of all, when i stop to consider all the ways our marriage has blessed me, i am overwhelmed with gratitude. my heart is full. this mushy husband of mine is my greatest earthly blessing and i love him to pieces. this pictures reminds me of the very beginning of our journey. we had just bought our first home and were days before our wedding. i had no idea the road ahead would be this enjoyable! 

and here we are twenty years later, looking  incredibly blemish free! thanks photoshop! all traces of crows feet and wrinkles ~ effectively removed ;) if only i had a retouching tool for my guy's wild hair.

wishing my sweetheart a happy anniversary, a few days late! praying for at least 20 more! 

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!
From that cat photo, I can see that your youngest gets it naturally! :)

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