winter break

  it's time to share winter break picture, since spring break is now weeks away. the girls and i (plus my niece) traveled to a wonderland for a little snow skiing. the area (right outside asheville, north carolina) looked like it was from the pages of the chronicles of narnia.  with a twist of a scary movie.  the trees were dripping with ice sickles and ponds were frozen over. muah!  then you would spot a deserted house, windows broken, tobacco drying on the porch(?), cars on blocks, a murder shed out back... and the girls would even notice. "that looks scary." 

i was so thankful that all this scary was coated in beautiful fresh snow. this kept the sights from being plain horrifying. we didn't have a man, but we did have onstar. (i called just to make sure my signal was working.)  thanks to dateline, i remain in a state of paranoia. criminals could be waiting around every corner ;) once we made it to the lodge we felt safe and sound. all narnia now!
 kelly dropped by after her family ski trip and the first thing she said was , "it is SO stressful renting all that stuff!" amen to that! making your way through the ski rental maze is like herding cats through disney world, layered in clothing, wobbling on ski boots, all while the cats are hissing and scratching you!  and that folks is a real, true analogy! 
once outside all was well.  i bought a groupon for the lift tickets. the catch was they had to be used on a weekday.    groupon score! the slopes were practically empty. 

anna katherine was SO helpful! i mean it. we could not have made this happen without her. she helped my niece learn to ski. i knew sarah anne would catch on quickly. but the first hour learning is almost as stressful as herding cats. except now you are wearing roller skates. 
no worry... she was compensated for her efforts ;)
once this little lady made it up on skis, it was smooth sailing!

this picture has a story in itself. sarah anne had fallen and tried over and over to stand up. in a nutshell, a long haired skate snowboarder made a loud and rude comment. the timing was perfect, no more pent up stress after i corrected him!

a warm swim was the perfect way to top off a great trip. 
anna katherine was in the room watching the olympic  opening ceremony.

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Nothing like being at the slopes when they are almost empty! Looks like a fun time was had by all.
Years ago we lived not too awfully far from Beech Mountain and we would sometimes head up after work for some night skiing, it was always pretty empty and so pretty at night!

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