clemson bound

so it's official. but who am i kidding, it's been official for quite a awhile. benett is clemson university bound. 

last week our family made the three hour drive for the spring blitz campus tour. i must admit my heart hurt the entire way. i promise not to continue the 'woe is me, this isn't the citadel' stuff. because i know this is not all about me. but on this day, it seemed so surreal, plans changing so abruptly from one end of the state to the other. 
my kids kept reminding me of the clemson saying, "this is God's country."  God's country, i promise you is located beside the ocean ;)  i did find a clemson shirt in citadel blue ;)

the campus is beautiful. it looks like the pure definition of a quaint college town. my boy has no idea that the next four years will most likely be some of the best years ever. further molding him into the adult he will become.

we shopped the souvenir shops. and yes, we bought a dozen shirts. before purchasing the "clemson mom" shirt, i asked one last time, "are you SURE? because after i purchase this shirt, it's all over buddy! no turning back" ;)

anna katherine has always had her eyes set on being a clemson tiger. by the end of the day, we were pimped out in orange!
because everything... everything seemed to be trimmed in orange!
last stop was the '55 exchange ice cream shop. ice cream made by the agriculture department with the clemson cows.
 as we enjoyed the last few minutes of our tour, eating our ice cream and taking in the campus. my heart wasn't hurting anymore.

 mary claire asked, "so are we clemson fans now?" just like your double scoop of ice cream, you are not required to like just one flavor. you can love chocolate just as much as vanilla! "we are now carolina and clemson fans!"

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Having grown up right down the road from Clemson, you get used to the orange after a while!
I feel like we were just moving our boy in and would you believe, we go to move him home for the summer in less than 3 weeks? That first year flew by! Just wait!

Smash said...

His favorite Sunday school teacher must be teaching him something!! :) We love Bennett and are so excited for him!

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