in agreement (for a few minutes)

are cats more useful than dogs? 
i mean, personally i would never ask this question.

because i think cats do important things. like protect their family from imminent death! cats feel the need to kill dangerous things... for the record, my cats have never-ever stalked an innocent caged rabbit. then ripped it to bloody shreds in front of small children. because cats are smart and cats have big hearts ;) 

it may look like kittyboy is stalking an innocent baby black snake... but through the graves family's snake colored glasses, this was the beginnings of a 5ft. copperhead. 

 "ain't nothin' but a thing! just earning my keep!"
is that a look of a swagger feline or what!?

our wiener dog must have overheard the praise being showered on the cat. maybe wanting to redeem himself worthy after his accident on the rug?
i will give charlie credit, he views this snake through the same glasses as myself! big and fierce!

 his terrified reaction was embarrassing, yet fascinating for the cat. i mean really!? the men in our house glorify this dog's God given hunting skills? and call him smart? and useful? he smells bad and eats living photography props! 

 yeah, that's the face of a fearless hunter....
kittyboy chilled out and enjoyed the freak show that is our dog.
i mean really!? 
if a cat wanted to, it could finish this job in seconds.

out of respect for snake lovers ... 
i will stop this story and pictures here ;)
let's just say (for a few minutes) our family  was in agreement... cats are way more useful!
Cheryl said...

My four pups and I were humbly mortified for their canine counterpart. I, however ,Mohave been known to have that exact reaction when coming upon a snake, so I understood completely. Bless his heart.

CathyMA said...

Hilarious! that dog is precious! And that snake is huge, I don't care what anybody says.

Anonymous said...

That post was just what I needed for a Monday morning! A good laugh:)

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Those pictures of Charlie are hilarious! And I just love the cat sitting in the background looking bored!

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