take TWO

prom take TWO is friday.  preparing a boy for prom verses a girl... well hello!  an entirely different experience.  

to get bennett prom ready we had to:

1. buy the tickets
2. dry clean the tuxedo
3. order flowers

anna katherine on the other hand:

1. pour over dress selections
2. argue over the amount allowed on a prom dress
3. call all over the united states to find 'that one' dress

4. track the dress package hourly ;)
5. take the dress for a fitting
6. shop for shoes
7. argue over the amount allowed for shoes
8. order shoes

{remind her we are not planning a royal wedding} 

9. view her pintrest board of hair styles, flower choices, jewelry....
10. and the PICTURES: where boys pay no attention to 'prom pictures,' girls obsess over prom pictures. 

10. order picture props from etsy
11. make hair and make up appointments
12. shop for jewelry
12. pedicure and manicure? tanning bed? no! spray tan? limo?  really?
{remind her that we are not dipping into her college fund}

it's all fun! friday will be here before we know it!

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