one day / two milestones

 our oldest finished high school

parents were invited to a luncheon to celebrate their "last lunch" at WH. there were tears, hugs, pictures...

and then just like that... all over.
 bennett can now 'legally' untuck his shirt on campus!

fast forward a few hours and our middle child started driving!

 this girl sure loves he big sister.

anna katherine passed the test with flying colors.
(thank you c.o.p.s. driving academy)

the dmv administrator even complimented her skills!

she still has to drive with mom and dad a little longer.
mom's not ready ;)


what screams SNAKE and redneck at the same time ?
maybe your ten year old running out pumping her daisy pink BB gun.

or your eighteen year old running out, straight from work with a shotgun?
 see for yourself, 
 it was a huge copperhead staring at us while we ate dinner. we spotted this monster through our bay window. all while preparing to attach a nest of baby birds.
stand your ground:
backup was needed

wait, i almost forgot...
or a grown man running out with a pair of needle nosed pliers.
charlie heard SNAKE and paused from hunting innocent rabbits and ran to check things out. 

the guys of the house gave me a hard time over my last snake post. "you made the dog look like an idiot."  if i do recall, "I" did not make the dog look like an idiot. maybe the cats, maybe the dog, and he is an idiot.

so here's a little vindication for the guys of the house. 
their pure bred hunting dog killing a snake. 

oh wait, he doesn't see it 3 inches from his face?

"he has an amazing sense of smell"
{eye roll}

{eye roll}

surprised charlie still has his testicles?
yeah, me too. 

i am thinking he needs a removal or enhancement. one way or the other. 
(not the boy, the dog)


we have one left that needs a good home.
she is really one of the sweetest in the liter and she has the extra toes!

what's up

what have we been up to?  standard answer... BUSY.
 this quote is going around on pintrest and i love it!

  a look at what's keeping us busy:

  • our first child is graduating. have i mentioned this? maybe only a million times to the point of saying, "enough already!" ;) geez louise, graduating can be exhausting; things to order,  ceremonies, luncheons, dinners, forms, checks, deadlines, emotions!

  • anna katherine just finished driver's education. i cannot say enough good things about c.o.p.s. driving academy! i feel like she is overly prepared thanks to them.

  •  notice something else? no braces! jeff was with her for the big removal appointment.  the orthodontist and staff sing and dance and gift a cup of bubble gum. and daddy didn't take a picture. his excuse, "i didn't want to embarrass her." if i shared that belief system, our kids would never be photographed. all that we do! these guys are obligated like little navy seals to withstand embarrassment and to look and smile under all circumstances. 

  • mary claire spends her days stressing over school work. ironic how a B on a test for one child is cause for an epic celebration! while a B for another child, who shares the same DNA, is life shattering.

  • the kids (and i) have been begging jeff for a swimming pool. but, it will never happen. our first (and only other) house had a gigantic pool. that hole of water was a thorn in jeff's side from day one. on moving day, he vowed to never ever own another swimming pool. bah-humbug!

  • my nieces have introduced mary claire to the world of legos.

  • you may not believe it! we had another fire by our house! by our house as in another next door neighbor! the one who hates happiness and put up a privacy fence so he didn't have witness ours.  this family can officially say within SIX months, every neighbor who shares a property line has had an intentionally set fire that got out of control. the neighbor lady in front of us caught her field on fire while burning yard debris ... on a windy day, under some trees.  while the fire department was there putting out the flames, water spraying from their hoses, she used diesel fuel to set a second pile on fire. "i thought i would finish burning while you (the fire department) were here." the firemen were shocked! forestry was immediately called and she received a fine. 

jeff and i have come to the conclusion that carelessness must be the water that flows in these parts. the fireman know our little dirt road by heart.

  • i am determined to learn how to drive with the boat trailer! shout out to me for that awesome parking job! (seriously i got lucky. other than "turn wide," i still haven't a clue.)

  • i have been so busy with work. photography has it's seasonal peaks. right now i am standing on the summit getting ready to start chunking rabbits!
  • sometimes jeff and i wonder if we should have tried a little harder for child number four. we need not wonder anymore.  while sitting in another a school program we started running the numbers on a calculator; "approximately how many p.t.o. programs do you think we have attended?" better yet, "approximately how many more to go?" ;)  i am kidding! who doesn't love a good two hour p.t.o. program!?

  • free kittens! we have one kitten in need of a home. our plan is to keep two. maybe three. a family can never own too many snake slayers ;) side note: they will all be quickly spayed and neutered.

  •  i must share my newest gadget that i am in love with! i love this guy!  a garmin running watch with heart rate monitor. bring on the OCD. it shows your pace, distance, and of course heart rate. sync it with your computer and charts and graphs appear sowing the coolest feedback on your run; the intensity, recovery time and calories burned.  addicting and i love it!

look what wanted to follow me home! what a cutie!
cute until i had to walk him back home a half dozen times.

happy monday... i do love a monday!

  • i found this in a stack of GA drawings. it's jeff singing at the nursing home

bffs (the no drama kind)

 here we are at the end of high school and we have so much to be thankful for. as a mother, i am deeply grateful for the circle of friends bennett chose to surround himself with! these are some good to the core young men!

photos by mr. hoskins

box full of joy

what's more fun than a box of kittens?

UH ~ nothing ~ 

mary claire has this weird fetish of making cat houses out of boxes. we are never in short supply of boxes. jeff and i work from home and are constantly getting deliveries of drugs and photographs. 

mary claire has become very proficient with a box cutter and a roll of duct tape. 

currently we have a box city for these kittens

 funny thing is... they love them!

 and then hooking up a snow sled behind a golf cart and taking a box of kittens on a joy ride...

crazy fun!

i am going to get some 'hate' comments for this one. she is going under 1mph, i promise!

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