box full of joy

what's more fun than a box of kittens?

UH ~ nothing ~ 

mary claire has this weird fetish of making cat houses out of boxes. we are never in short supply of boxes. jeff and i work from home and are constantly getting deliveries of drugs and photographs. 

mary claire has become very proficient with a box cutter and a roll of duct tape. 

currently we have a box city for these kittens

 funny thing is... they love them!

 and then hooking up a snow sled behind a golf cart and taking a box of kittens on a joy ride...

crazy fun!

i am going to get some 'hate' comments for this one. she is going under 1mph, i promise!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Love the kitties! But the thing that made me lol, was the statement that you made about having lots of boxes around because of all the drugs you get! ;)

Sally Watts said...

That second picture is the cutest calico kitty I have EVER seen...I must say!!! They look like they are having a ball! Sally Watts

Amy Keltner said...

All part of MC Cat Training 101! Best kittens ever once they graduate!

CathyMA said...

Box full of kittens! So lucky!

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