per the urban dictionary the definition of eno is
totally awesome, wicked cool. hyperbole of awesome/cool

i prefer to call these lightweight hammocks a genius marketing campaign! just like the rubberband genius! so simple and suddenly so cool and all the rage!  my favorite weekend photo settings are now plastered with these colorful hammocks. last week i literally leaned in a strange girl's lap to take a picture of a family at the river. 
while 'eno-ing' in our backyard, bennett was also researching/googling what might be wrong with our giant cedar tree. it's our favorite tree. when we were planning where to 'put' our house, this tree played a major role. i wanted it in the center of our backyard and visible from the kitchen window. i envisioned my kids playing in it's branches and stringing christmas lights (that happened to be visible from my spot in our bedroom.) this sweet tree has helped make some childhood memories.
lately our tree has been looking a little sickly.
 more sickly by the day.

  over dinner, we finally decided to call a tree doctor. 
(yes those are christmas lights ;)
 while bennett was 'hammocking' in his totally awesome, wickedly cool eno he figured out what ails our cedar tree. 

{spider mites}
he tested the tree (per the internet.) tiny spider webs only visible an inch away covered the trunk. when bennett shook the branches,  tiny red spiders fell off by the dozen. the next morning we confirmed with the clemson extension. definitely spider mites.

with the help of pyrethrin spray, followed with 30,000 lady bugs (you can purchase on amazon) we are hoping our tree springs back to it's healthy green self.

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