what screams SNAKE and redneck at the same time ?
maybe your ten year old running out pumping her daisy pink BB gun.

or your eighteen year old running out, straight from work with a shotgun?
 see for yourself, 
 it was a huge copperhead staring at us while we ate dinner. we spotted this monster through our bay window. all while preparing to attach a nest of baby birds.
stand your ground:
backup was needed

wait, i almost forgot...
or a grown man running out with a pair of needle nosed pliers.
charlie heard SNAKE and paused from hunting innocent rabbits and ran to check things out. 

the guys of the house gave me a hard time over my last snake post. "you made the dog look like an idiot."  if i do recall, "I" did not make the dog look like an idiot. maybe the cats, maybe the dog, and he is an idiot.

so here's a little vindication for the guys of the house. 
their pure bred hunting dog killing a snake. 

oh wait, he doesn't see it 3 inches from his face?

"he has an amazing sense of smell"
{eye roll}

{eye roll}

surprised charlie still has his testicles?
yeah, me too. 

i am thinking he needs a removal or enhancement. one way or the other. 
(not the boy, the dog)

Cheryl said...

I am convinced you are trying to make sure many of us do not move south of the Mason-Dixon Line. I would never leave the house!!
Your photos make me giggle.

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