New York (take one)

a spring break (girls only) trip to new york city!
the pictures will do most of my story telling. they have been sitting here for days waiting on words. wedding season is in full swing, making my computer time limited and plate thankfully full. so here's new york and as many words as i can muster before bedtime.

 spring break + new york city  = an ocean of people!
the highlight of the girl's trip: the american girl place

the stardust diner was incredible!!
my sister did her research and this did not disappoint!
i have found my new l-o-v-e!
macaroons! they're, light, crunchy, soft, sweet... and gluten free! when the everything i desire meets up in one treat... i feel the need to eat them all!

did i mention we walked?
a lot!
like really, really a lot!

hopefully more words next time!

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