shut your mouth!

 gossip girl. have you heard of it? watched it? is it a teen version of sex in the city? please say no!  even though i am a huge (closet) sex in city fan. mr. big still makes my heart flutter ;) it's all good, my husband understands ;) anyway, it's for grown ups. 

 i really need to check it out out because anna katherine and her friends are fanatical over this new / old show. apparently it just came out on netflix.  
 so all over new york it was was gossip girl ~ gossip girl ~ gossip girl... she was a good sport with the younger girls activities, i surprised her with a nyc gossip girl tour. big time mom points!

 so we hopped on a bus full of teens, most too with a mom in tow. did i mention this tour sells out daily!? 4 hours later we had seen every filming spot in the city. 

the most fun was watching/hearing the bus full of teens when we passed by shops, houses, street corner... anywhere chuck bass had stood. 

but i get it ... we drove by the bakery from sex in city and i gasped, fainted, came to, grabbed my cell phone and instagrammed it ;) it was fun watching my girl get so excited!

and this was the ultimate highlight of her trip until...
shut your mouth, yes she did!

it was a freak meeting. she was performing in mice and men next door to our hotel. and this was the highlight "of her life."  according to her.

and then a random girl in times square threw up all over her! and her life was over! according to her!
now this was about as gross, nasty and disgusting as it gets! yes, a random person's vomit in your hair and on your clothes does warrant the bucket of tears shed on the side walk.  

 out of focus picture, but mary claire face says it all! 

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Oh my gosh! I am one of those "sympathy" vomiters, if I see you or hear you I will start doing it too! That is just awful! But, how fun she got to meet Blair!

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