a slow deep breath in the middle of the week.
 just what we needed.

i am... let's see, maybe 1/5 of the way through my book. i am a slow reader for sure.  i bought the paperback version and then checked the e book out from the library. kindles and sunshine / paperbacks and nighttime, nothing's perfect right? but a lazy morning with coffee and a book plus this view! a few minutes was even super quiet. when your kids are of babysitting age they can take their little sister to the pool. my battery is recharged for the work weekend.

wildlife... when your kids are no longer small and doing ten cute things a minute. a subject matter can be harder to come by. next thing you know i will photographing tree bark. just kidding... i seem to like photographing birds. who knew (???)

my kids are perfecting 'fake camera fun'
oh well~ i'll take it. beats a million bird pictures.

anna katherine snapped a picture of my boy, me, a hermit crab bennett is messing with and our cart of beach junk stuff. i think i was wondering why a wine bottle was in our cart. turns out it was a fancy bottle of water. (we found all the shark's teeth at folly beach. our beach of choice, sullivan's island, was almost shell-less)

 everyone was excited when daddy rolled into town. 
a few quick pictures while we waited for dinner. i am going to start posting every picture of my kids purposely making 'hurry up bug eyes.'  

a rare dinner out and we chose charleston crab house. mind me while i give a quick review. i am not a seafood fan but my son and husband are. maybe it was just an off night, but my seafood lovers agreed that the food here was awful. 

jeff looks thrilled doesn't he!

we enjoyed a late night swim. (jeff and i savored their swim from our lounge chairs.i think they call that 'sideline parenting.'  but these cool floats were pretty tempting. 
iphone pic
happy weekend!
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