agenda please

summer days when my kids were little,  i would scoop them up, no questions asked and off we would go. now before going anywhere, my kids want a run down of the travel agenda! as if mentally deciding whether there's more interesting and exciting things they could be doing.

i have worked almost every single weekend since mid april. i have a ton of work to catch up on in my office. everyone needs a weekend every now and then. so... i am taking my weekend in the middle of the week. we left everything; laundry, housework, office work and took a little road trip to charleston. hello! with all of my kids in tow. rare these days when my kids have more exciting choices than hanging out with their mom. daddy will join us tonight.

 we tried a beach that was closer to our hotel. it was a little more touristy, there was more public parking which naturally means crowded. the waves and current were too strong for my comfort!

 we traveled light. so light we didn't have beach pails and shovels. we used what we had~ our beach pail was a fast food cup, our shovel a cooler lid!

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Whoa, look at all those shark's teeth! At what beach are you staying? I have never found shark's teeth except at Edisto! Have fun!

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