father's day (the good, the bad)

happy father's day! a day late, but who's counting?  ready for the mandatory mushy stuff? 

i will just say my kids are so blessed to have such a wonderful father! i remind them of this all the time.
mother's day is a hard day for jeff. his mother passed away (suddenly) when bennett was two. jeff was a mama's boy, so he took it very hard! 

father's day for me is filled with mixed emotions. the day is spent mostly full of gratitude for my own children. jackpot in the dad department!  my own father, if you have noticed, is rarely mentioned here. while i do not have a bad relationship with my father. sadly, i just don't have much of a relationship at all.

my parents divorced when i was young. my dad is a super nice guy. bennett looks just like him. he lives a city away and would give you anything. when he was young, the measles left him almost completely (80%) deaf. he wears hearing aids, but still, hearing is difficult. 

why the weak relationship? why doesn't he see his grandchildren often? children of divorce, can you guess? yes. he married a rather... choose my words carefully... let's just say ~ unpredictable lady. 

 over the years, maintaining a relationship with her in the picture became exhausting. my sister and i have a no-family-drama-policy. when someone thrives on drama and another is unable to hear the drama and you tire of explaining drama to children... just say "you win" and carry on. 

there's no hard feelings or unkind words towards my dad. we still talk, just not a lot. he is welcome anytime and he knows this. i am sad because i know, if he ever really got to know his grandkids, especially bennett, he would be head over heels in love with them.  sad also that one person can change the dynamics of a family. 

 pity party over :) now for a branch of my family with zero drama. with the exception of chastising uncle mike for potty words ;) and grandkids sitting in papa's chair, there's no drama what so ever! they are awesome! 

happy father's day to papa gene too! he is a great grandfather to my kiddos! we overloaded him with kids the weekend before. oh and don't sit in his chair either ;) 
Charles and Angela McCall said...

This is good stuff right here, Heidi.

---your biggest fan

Charles and Angela McCall said...

That's good stuff right there, Heidi....thanks for sharing.

---your biggest fan

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