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so  the graduation festivities have finally come to an end. a friend commented on my blog absence all of last week, "i knew it would be a hard week for you." while is was a sentimental few days, busy kept the tears at bay!  by the time graduation night arrived, bennett had been 'officially finished' with high school two weeks. my little girl summed it up best, "enough already!"  :)  our family had already been through a dozen graduation services, dinners, ceremonies... all the good stuff that keeps the kleenex company thriving! so when the official night arrived, we were happy. "let's do this!" it was a wonderful night!

 WH had an amazing speaker!

 our headmaster, i cannot begin to tell you the impact he has had on our son. 
we thank God he was placed in bennett's life!

church services. here he is with his fabulous sunday school teachers and classmates! 

 friday night was his graduation party. bennett along with friends and family met at the boykin grill for a night of celebrating.

 i was given a 'enormous' gift! my friend angela came with camera in hand. she not only took some 'real' family pictures, she stayed the entire evening, photographing everyone and everything. i did not take one picture.... and it felt wonderful to be able to enjoy while someone else documented! thank you a million times over!
uncle stephen (who received a law degree from the university of s.c.) arrived decked out in all orange! along with the rest of his clan! clemson and u.s.c. have this rivalry thing going on and to see this die hard gamecock family in all orange is a testament to the love they have for their nephew.  even with a boy at clemson, we still love the gamecocks!

 here's to some special friends and family. i wish i could write a paragraph about each. thanking them for all they have done for bennett and our family. our blessings are overflowing!

kenny's beautiful wife was blinking ;) 

 watching a little (500 picture) slide show

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Congratulations to Bennett! I figured you were busy with graduation stuff last week!
Now summer will fly by and before you know it you will be moving him up to Clemson... that will bring on a whole new set of emotions!

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