camp and a quick visit to my mom's cabin put our family in the mountains for the first week of summer. now we needed to say hello to summer with some salt and sand. i reminded them, it's pretty neat to live half way between the mountains and the beach. i worked non-stop for two days in my office, we packed up, cleaned up, scooped up goldie and were on our way. a few days in charleston were just what we needed to officially feel like it was summer!
 my kids commented on how 'crowded' the beach was. a summer day drive to myrtle beach may be in order.these guys need to see a 'crowded' beach. 

after a little hampton inn drama ~ note to self: never ever ok a smoking room even if it is the last room available. because it will feel like you are suffocating in a nasty ashtray! thankfully the desk clerk took pity on our coughing and carrying on to switch us  with someone dying ~literally~ for a smoking room. the details of the man wanting this room were so sad. he had just completed radiation ~ for lung cancer ~ and still smoked! we knew this because he was at our door waiting to switch before we were ready. he sat on the bed, looking awfully sick while we threw everything into the hallway. with our luggage in a holding room, waiting for his room to be cleaned, we were left half dressed, wrinkled, wet hair, no make up... funny, but not funny.

 anyway... a quick trip to old navy for clothes, ponytails, powder and were off to downtown charleston... in all our glory ;) we enjoyed dinner, did a little window shopping on king street. anna katherine and i refrained from photographs, even though she looked adorable!

 the kids found this hysterical!

 and they found the beanboozled jellybeans! have you heard of them?

 it's a game where two jellybeans look the same but taste completely different. are you eating a peach or a barf flavored jellybean. disgusting! the smells were as real as real could be!

then it was back to the beach ...

sunkissed and refreshed, we can now say hello summetime!
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