yay summer!

 vbs has been the highlight of our week. i hope the number of vbs pictures is not a sign that i am going into a graves family photography drought. (please not when it's summertime.) 

i took a few pictures at the musical finale.

 and a few pictures of my nephew at the finale dinner. doesn't this cookie look delicious? oh it was! two (maybe five)  bites and today i would like to crawl into a hole! (gluten is of the devil)

photograph your own family!i am entering this into my phone as a daily reminder. not really, but i should! a quick mountain trip to see my mom, we had fun, weather was great and i took maybe a dozen pictures.  
i am coveting another's blogger's summer vacation. she is currently on my dream family vacation! i have planned this trip, several ways, more times than i can count. ten days, airfare, lodging, rental car, food... i have not been able to get this trip under $12,000 ~ for five people. but i have never considered doing it this way.  i will taking my trip vicariously through this family! while my vacation sits in my expedia cart ;) 

my husband can figure out and fix just about anything... but here's his attempt at a group picture. oh and he took one. see me? i laugh every time i look at this picture.

The 1st of May said...

I LOVE "Under the Sycamore" too! Her style is so cheerful! :)

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