bikes, birds and the beach

i am going to be posting vacation pictures this week... just a warning ;) i had a little free time on the last night to sit and post pictures. anna katherine left a day early for a mission trip and bennett headed home to his summer job of cutting hay. it rained on the last day. we were so fortunate that this was the only rain we saw for a week. it made for a cozy day in. we rented redbox and ate ice cream. 

my movie pick was fab! it wasn't a good movie per-say~ but oh so appropriate to end the week with a terrorizing boat story! it was called, "all is lost." a man in the middle of the ocean and his sailboat sinks. my husband is always worried that something on the boat needs fixing... in fact he was rethreading a steel pole for the awning during the movie. i loved pointing out that in this movie, this guy has real boat troubles! jeff's 90 minutes worth of commentary was hilarious!   

this island is known for it's intricate bike paths. there are bicycle 'road maps' for the entire island. this is our first hilton head family trip that hasn't involved a baby seat attached to a bicycle. i remember the trip when anna katherine was in a baby seat with me and bennett rode a tandem attached to jeff's. man the calories we must have burned. then we graduated to anna katherine on the tandem and mary claire was the baby in back. bicycling now is a cake walk. jeff and i usually lag behind, useless it is a long ride and mary claire fizzles. or she gets a splinter. have mercy if that girl gets a splinter!

 when the sun goes down the golf cart paths are open for bicycles. boy! the golfers have much prettier paths than the bikers. 

at dusk the huge sprinklers turn on. if my guys were still little, i would have 100+ pictures of them running through those water giants. i tossed the idea out there. the response was, "mom, that's just weird." anna katherine was appalled the thought even crossed my mind. 

i started looking for birds to photograph.

 i made two attempts at setting the camera on self timer and hopping in. A for effort, not picture quality, right?

as we were packing up to leave, we realized that we never went to the beach! as in lugging everything we own, chilling in the surf, building sandcastles all while frying in the sun. one day our bike path dead ended into the beach and we walked around for a few minutes.  we visited a few island beaches by boat. but the stereo "go to the beach day" never happened. and we were all good with it!

when i saw my kids doing this... the first thing out of my mouth, "stop staring!" until i saw what was holding them captive. goodness gracious, it was an elderly group of 'semi nude sunbathers." i mean almost naked and over 80! men and women. props for the positive body image! i stared a minute too.

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