geez louise this summer is flying by. i feel this way every year when the fourth rolls around. this was our second independence day that coincided with our family vacation. it's obviously not a popular weekend to get married. it is fun to change things up and the fireworks  tourist hot spots are pretty darn great. the american flags flying behind the boats is just a reminder that america ~ or merica as pronounced in SC ;)  ~ is the best place in the world. 

bennett's redneck phrase for the day  
"merica!undisputed back to back world war champions!" 

by the time friday the fourth rolled around, the kids were boated out! we changed things up and rented jet skis. for the kids. jeff and i anchored in the cove and soaked up some couple time!

   after the shark catching, i knew my girls would be nervous. if i had read the article in the state newspaper about hilton head and great white sharks, this might not have happened!

the girls started off slow and steady.
he hates a roller coaster or fast moving carousel ;)
 but this man-child is fearless in the ocean.

dolphin pod
now for a ridiculous amount of jet ski pictures.

our plan was to make a quick trip to the condo to change into our red white and blue. that was until we saw a half dozen tour buses delivering tourists for the fireworks show... three hours early.  there was no leaving and coming back ~ no hurrying.! we enjoyed a light dinner (on the boat) dressed in our non-fourth of july salty clothes. it was great!
another self timer picture. 
A for effort, not quality :)

marlowe said...

Just got back from SC. Going through withdrawals. Must admit … I'm a little jealous of you :)

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