official week

for our official family vacation, we didn't go to florida.  instead we choose a beach in south carolina, only four hours away. compared to a 14 hour drive, we could have practically ridden our bikes ;) we, as in bennett and me, were a little bummed we wouldn't see florida this year. but when we heard that tropical storm arthur was plowing over the keys, we were happy to be here baking in the sun instead.

we picked a beach that will always hold a special place in our heart. this was the first beach we visited after having children. we made this our summer vacation for years! so many sweet new family memories were made here. 

  hilton head is also very 'boater friendly.' we are far from expert boaters and having so many creeks and islands to explore while still being able to see land is our cup of tea!
our favorite thing to do at the beach is fish! mostly we fish for fun. last year we came home with a cooler full of red snapper. so far this year, we've been happy with catch and release. cleaning fish is a chore!

 we are pretty skilled at catching our own bait fish ;) it breaks anna katherine's heart to watch a fish cut up and used for bait.
it is a safe bet that
this girl will catch the first fish of the day!
she cuts her own bait!
(as long as it is dead first)

and prepares her own hook. 

 she even unhooks her fish, or she used to anyway. she met a type of snapper that growls. it's the weirdest sound. she feels like the snapper is screaming for it's life. which most likely it is. a hook in your brain will make you say some  crazy things.

always the jokester! 

a couple things we learned from visiting hilton head: people from ohio love this beach and the dolphin that swim these waters are the friendliest! i keep encouraging my kids to jump in when they swim close to the boat. let's put a check by "swimming with dolphins" on that summer bucket list.
these guys will stare you down for a bite of your bait. 
(we didn't feed him)

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