phase one

immediately after our vacation, the kids scattered. they were off in every direction. church camp, mission trip, a dive adventure... 

then we have college orientation. {sigh} while the transition to empty nest phase one, started months ago, i am afraid to count the remaining days on a calendar.

i am not good at change and worse at letting go. this summer we have been breathing in the memories. talking about all the little adventures along the journey called childhood. hilton head was a great place to reminisce. it makes my heart happy that our children remember so much. so many little things glued to their heart.

yep, saying goodbye at college will be one of my toughest movements.

 i read somewhere that the two biggest transitions in parenthood are when your children arrive and when they leave. i remember when bennett was a newborn and i was in the throws of postpartum depression. it was tough. the only time i have felt a true chemical depression. that's when i began  preparing myself for "when they leave" part."

today, i am thankful for having three children. i cannot imagine sending my first and last child off on the same day.  i am thankful my son is a momma's boy. the good kind. i am thankful for growing an independent, well mannered young man.
Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

It will be hard, but you can be secure in the fact that you raised a good boy and he is going to have such wonderful experiences that first year away!
Don't forget we had our son leave for college and then our daughter left for France two weeks later! Talk about a shock! But, we got through it and they both made it. It is amazing to see how they change after being away from home, and in such positive ways.
I'll be thinking of you this next month! :)

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