at the beginning of each summer i ask my kids, "what would you like to do this summer that you have never done?" realistically of course ~ like seeing the eiffel tower isn't an option. last year for the girls it was parasailing. bennett's almost always involves diving. as time passes, making a list of firsts naturally gets harder.

 a first for my girls happened on our vacation; they each caught a shark. we all caught a shark. correction; we all caught multiple sharks!

we are not a family of seasoned anglers. setting out for a fishing trip sounds something like this: does everyone have a fishing pole? do we have bennett's tackle boxes? fishing licenses? do we have bait?  ok, we're set! we buy the same bait; worms for the lake (not a fan of crickets, too sad) salt water, it's shrimp, sometimes squid  and the bait fish we're guaranteed to catch. pot luck fishing, it's so much fun!  who knows what we will catch! 

our first day out, we picked a nice calm spot, close to an island. mary claire and i planned to fish for awhile and then swim the fifteen feet to shore and look for shells.  

first cast, in less than two minutes and we started catching baby sharks. one after the other. 

 we began seeing small sharks circling the boat. just like in the movies, but they were tiny sharks and not very scary. but where there's baby sharks, there's teenage sharks, and grown up sharks. it was safe to assume that these waters were swarming with sharks! there would be no swimming to shore!

so the next part, you will have to take my word for it. i do not have pictures to prove.
after four boxes of caprisuns, 2lbs of cherries and who knows how many small sharks, suddenly something BIG was on anna katherine's line. (of course anna katherine) with her daddy's help they pulled it close enough to see it was a large shark... before it snapped her line.  oh snap is right! we got a good look at that scary shark face! a few minutes later ~ same thing with bennett. lastly it was jeff who  lost his line to something substantial. 

the one that got away (came back and got away and got away again) only fueled the guys desire to catch it. we headed back to shore. a trip to the sporting goods store was in order ~ manly tackle was needed! 

late afternoon and we were off again~ sharks bite best at dusk, so we hear. a newly purchased map led us straight to a 'shark hole!' strangely only a stone's throw away from where we were. 

say what! i almost swam in the ocean near a shark hole! i was a lyric from alanis morissette's song ' ironic' just waiting to happen!  

the guys were overly prepared ~ of course. the shiny blue kill stick was disturbing. a bat on one end and a spear hook on the other. 

i was a little nervous. only because we have a deck boat, with maybe 5 square feet of empty deck. my husband fusses when the kids stand on the seat cushions. 

i couldn't help imagining dragging a shark onboard. alive or successfully dead from the kill stick. what if the guys had to beat and jab it to death on board? while not damaging the cushions. 

the blood, the mess, traumatizing the girls, mary claire sleeping with us for a year... carrying/dragging it through fancy shelter cove marina.  this may be a common sight in the florida keys, but not so much here. 

and we were staying in a condominium. that's another obstacle all in itself. 

but who wants to be the eeyore and rain on this plan? especially after all that new fishing stuff! certainly not me ;) i did cross my fingers that we would only hook babies. 

what happened next? the guys hooked a couple big sharks and their new line was snapped! over the next couple of hours,  the guys would upgrade their line and tackle. their chances were good and determination solid! 

 i causally (and passive aggressively) began mentioning things that could go wrong if they caught something big with teeth. 

bennett who is very safety conscious and jeff who is very boat conscious, decided it was time to call  it a day and enjoy the sunset. there were a few big ones that thankfully got away.

 the sunset was beautiful, there was a sweet breeze blowing... and for a few minutes this sunset was just as good as watching it from the florida keys.

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