almost over

 so it’s bennett’s last day home before he is officially a resident at clemson university. and it won't even be a full day home, we are leaving in just a few hours. empty nest part one is almost over... yeah, it's pretty much  an emotional amusement park at our house. ~ nonstop thrill rides that make your head spin until you laugh, cry or throw up! ~

bennett has finally gotten excited! his sisters are getting a touch of the blues. me? i am pretty much the same, unmedicated and temporarily bipolar ;) i am convinced jeff is looking a bit shell shocked. he has been so attentive to making sure i do not become a mental patient,  that he hasn't let it sink in. maybe i should stash two extra boxes of kleenex in the car.

now for some non-emotional documenting... we are in the thick of packing. a corner of my studio has become the designated ready to go corner. we have spent a lot of time in bennett's bedroom, an accumulation of this old soul! he picked a few sentimental things for his school desk. 

we’ve been transferring, boxing, organizing, making checklists and (gasp!) cleaning out his closet! mary claire is my master list maker!

i have made more trips for school supplies than i ever thought possible! i would bet my school receipts could wrap around our house!
the US  map is for the 5th grader,  not a dorm room ;)

then there have been the half dozen 'last few things' trips. 
as you can see, i am very worried about odor control!

just because i had to post a picture of his backpack!
i have a friend who's daughter lived in the same dorm at clemson last year. she has been worth her weight in gold! darby, thank you, thank you! heavens knows what i would have forgotten! like who knew bed lifts existed? not me!

 or to pack a not so girly shower bag.
i did think to buy a BIG trashcan!
a little wishful thinking!
the girls picked out his dorm bedding

and new boots and sperries and rainbows.
 his old boots turned work boots turned hazardous material!
dexter wants to go too... in case he needs something warm to cuddle! i mean aren't cats God's way of letting man feel as if they are petting a tiger?!  a clemson tiger!
charlie (our dog) has been watching in bewilderment. he has been keeping one eye on bennett because he knows something is up. he follows every load to the car! which makes me want to puddle up and cry even more.

but it’s all good. God is so good! 
and after satrurday, i am sure it will get easier!!

Anonymous said...

I remember this last year! God is so good! And it does get easier:)

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Oh yes, it will get easier! Hope move-in day went well! I just got home from moving my boy in to his apartment... and talk about receipts to wrap around your house! When I walked in the door my husband said "did you really spend $468 at Wal-mart?" As much as I hate to admit it, yes I did! :) When everyone asked why I was the only one moving our son it, I told them someone had to stay home and work to make some money to pay for this year! ;)
Remember, Bennett will be fine! Is he going through Rush?

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