baby steps

in honor of my sister who is easing her way back into the teaching world. yesterday was her first day as a part time preschool assistant! talk about baby steps, she has a master's degree in education :)

she has four beautiful children, a mother-in-law who provides endless amounts of boutique clothing and a sister who is always eager to photograph her kiddos.... but she rarely, if ever asks for pictures!

i was finishing my back to school mini sessions and i all but bullied her into a quick set. i planned to post a peek of all four kids. but this face needs a set all to herself!  
my favorite, "how old are you?" 

Carolyn McGaha said...

Heidi - I hope Evie will still be available when my grandson Jack is old enough to date :)

The 1st of May said...

My GOSH these are cute!!!

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