just as i anticipated, it is a busy week! the last week before school starts and only a few days until we move one out!  the saddest moment for me, so far, came sunday morning... thinking  about how our church routine has been the same for 20 years, plus a few kids. then thinking this time next week. over lunch i reminded everyone (in my "oh so dramatic way") that this was the last regular sunday we would be doing what we always do. "mom you are so dramatic!"  one would never have guessed anything was different about our lunch. bennett still picked on his sisters and had to be told to put away his phone and reminded he did not shave close enough for church. no sentimental drama from anyone except me. 

later that day (after another trip to bed bath and beyond for dorm room stuff) i passed bennett on our road. he stopped, rolled down the window and with the saddest drama filled expression said, "i am on my way to town for a last dinner with my friends. you know, before we go our separate ways. we won't see each other for a long time."

really?  oh well. it will take my kids having kids until they get it.

this rambling story has nothing to do with the following amusement park pictures. what more can you say about an amusement park we seem to visit every year!

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