{dramatic sigh}

swim team has started. {sigh} the start of swim team means the end of summer.  the end of summer means the end of five people at the dinner table every night. {dramatic sigh}

 sorry to be an eeyore, a debbie downer about everything.  a boy leaving home in two weeks and my house being eerily quiet everyday until 6pm... {sigh!}  i think if someone offered me a trip to hawaii with a baskets of fuzzy kittens  i would insert a {dramatic sigh.} 

speaking of kittens! our darn cat is pregnant again! irresponsible pet owners, yes we are!  her appointment (made two months ago) at the spay/neuter clinic will now be filled with one of her babies. what happened to not being able to get pregnant while breast feeding!? my brother in law said it best, "a living creature more fertile than my sister." the kittens are four months old and she will produce another litter within the month! {sigh} free kittens anyone?

{interruption} if one thinks i am dramatic about empty nest phase one, they have not seen mary claire with a "possible" splinter! drama doesn't do it justice!

FYI: if i turn into a suzie sunshine before august 18, you will know i have finally caved and said yes to medication! ;)  {sigh}

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