empty nest phase one, part two...

 we survived another rite of passage ~  freshman orientation! back in my day, orientation was for students. now it is a two day family affair. it helps helicopter parents (a little like myself ;) ease their way into saying goodbye! am i right, or am i right ;)

the first sight was a massive line! we arrived early and it was already around he building. i felt like we were jumping from a small pond into the atlantic ocean.  once the line started moving, orientation ran like a well oiled machine. very friendly, efficient, organized, and very orange! the overflowing  of school spirit reminded my of wilson hall. 
bennett became fast friends with his orientation roommate. he was a fellow scuba diver, which makes him an instant soul mate!   bennett also met his real roommate. seems like such a nice young man. i must admit they seem very opposite. a hunter, diver, and fisherman rooms with a video gamer. praying he is not a neat freak!  the questionnaire that pairs you with your perfect match must believe opposites attract. and they might be a perfect fit! the animal house partier was my biggest fear!
 the schedule was extensive, exhausting and very crowded. there were a dozen sessions this same size!  a life raft may be needed in this new intimidating ocean!
 a little reminder from home... 
cute group names with decorated signs. 
 before parents and students were separated, we were taken on a tour of bennett's classrooms.  this portion of the program is when celestial music started playing in the background for my two guys. a slice of heaven on earth!  bennett's major is agriculture mechanization. jeff describes it as a college educated tractor mechanic... joking of course!! looking around, this is my boy's passion! 

 while the students and their fathers were fascinated with everything , the mom's were curious about the math and english classes. we also commented on the boys finally wearing their string packs. 
family picture!
 the guy in the hat... a graduate student / professor / bennett's advisor. should i worry that he is wearing a hat indoors, possibly chewing tobacco and unshaven ;) no worry at all! he was a sharp, well spoken young man with a side of country boy! i feel sure he will quickly become a soul mate too!

jeff and i left orientation feeling better than ever that this was the perfect fit our one and only. i wanted the citadel, he was led here.  God's plans are always better than our own. 

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