not as imagined

 and here is how my son tells his sisters goodbye. stealing the words from bennett's mouth,

"i mean, i don't get it. he's seen these girls everyday for like the last ten and 15 years." 
 he is actually hurting them.
and the moment i have been dreading for EIGHTEEN+ years! 
i was anticipating myself in a hysterical puddle of tears. 

 that final hug goodbye. the one right before you hop in the car, turn the page to life's next chapter and drive away... 

 to paraphrase what i am saying here;
"after how much i love and care for you, after everything i have done for you, eighteen years and i can't even get a nice hug goodbye!" 

 jeff pipes in from behind the camera, "really bennett? give your mother a hug!"

yep, flip the page...the hallmark moment, the storybook image i had painted in my mind! a forced hug goodbye. whatever ;)
i had an urge to text him, "just so you know, the dog isn't even going to miss you! we may even give him away ;)"  kidding of course.

the real sentimental move in story tomorrow... i wish the day had been this lighthearted!
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