one day...

 The greatest love is a mother's; 
then a dog's;
 then a sweetheart's. 
~Polish Proverb

 talk about a sweet goodbye! you ask, what did my final goodbye look like in the parking lot of clemson? just wait :) and remember these pictures when you see it!

 it's an unspoken fact that our "family dog" is really "bennett's dog." if there was ever a doubt that bennett possessed a sensitive side, watching him say his farewells to charlie left no doubt. 

i must have chuckled as i smiled.

"mom, you don't get it. i have seen this dog everyday for like seven years."
yeah, you're right. i don't get it.
try 18 years :)
one day, when he has kids of his own, he'll get it.

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

That's right, they will never "get it" until they are parents themselves!
Don't know if you saw my reply to your comment, but yes, Jesse is going to rush. I'm kind of encouraging it as I would like him to meet some new people and slowly disassociate himself from some of the back home friends (the ones that didn't go to college and I see no motivation or drive)

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