on tuesday we made an early morning trip to the spay/neuter clinic. 
all our cats are fixed except one! 

on tuesday - the next day - four months almost to the day - we have another batch of kittens! mary claire was playing in my studio (probably with a cat that isn't supposed to be in the house) and she heard a tiny meow.

she screamed like the house was on fire!
"MOM! jilly is having her babies right now!

 we  watched quietly.  jilly was a feral cat when we got her as a kitten. she is skittish but sweet with an extra cup of crazy. we knew to keep our distance 

birth of any kind is fascinating.  my births involved pharmaceuticals and the complete elimination of pain. so i am unable to relate to the level of pain i hear in birth stories. but i can imagine!

for over two hours she would push and wait and push. it was a much slower process than i imagined. and she never made a sound.  not that people and animals experience the same level of pain, but it has to hurt like heck! this female cat needs a superwoman cape!  any living creature delivering seven babies one at a time, for two hours in silence ~ #supercatwoman! 
FIVE kittens later and i was running the numbers.  how many cats do we now have?!   a few minutes later there were two more. SEVEN more cats! i was dizzy and having very bad thoughts that involved the animal shelter.  
i am already preparing mary claire. "we are not keeping any." hoping if i say none, when she is crying and begging i can say ONE and all will be good! 

yes, we are irresponsible pets owners. you can call us that, we own it! but if i find the owners of a male un-neutered calico cat... stephen smoak attorney at law is serving the owners with paternity papers a basket of 3.5 kittens! 

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