the next reality show!

one has not lived until they have visited a rural mountain emergency room ~ after hours. why hollywood has not picked this idea up for a reality show? it was an experience i will never forget! ever!

mary claire got sick in the mountains. sick enough to ask to see a doctor. strep throat is our family default illness. my sister's kids tend to get all things respiratory. mine get strep throat.  after a whirlwind day at dollywood,  i could tell mc was feeling puny. she laid down the minute we got back.  she asked to go to the doctor, "right now."

all of the urgent care centers were closed, leaving the emergency room as our only option. we checked in at 8:15 and returned home at 2am. we never saw a doctor! 

it should have been a bad sign when;
  • the parking lot was almost completely full.  people were just hanging out. tailgating with their tails closed. chain smoking.
  •  this new facility smelled of bleach and cigarette smoke.
  • the two large TVs were tuned to law and order. not the news? so we will be here long enough to watch an entire episode? because you can't miss the first ten minutes.
  • when the room fills up so fast,  the only seats left are on the floor.  people eating doritos and drinking mountain dews.  touching the floor. 

remember i am afraid of just about everything. robbers, rapers, living out my life in a box under a criminal's bed. the majority of the people in the waiting room looked like they wanted to hurt me.

luckily mary claire slept through most of this experience! here's what she missed:
  •  the meth user right beside me. up in my space.  scratching.  talking in an outdoor voice about ritalin being the gateway drug to meth. (bet she has ADD) text book! 
  • the man going into coughing fits so loud people were shushing him... keep it down, law and order ~ thankyouverymuch!
  • the unconscious lady with a blood pressure of 49 over 60 waiting a solid 30 minutes.
  • the pitiful pregnant girl, i would have guessed she was 12 or 13.
  • the lady on her cell phone for an hour!
  • the most annoying man ever.... watching videos on his phone without headphones! 
the waiting room sounded like a pediatrician/veterinarian office on vaccination day. 

i (now) find it comical that we were moved to the 'expedited' room around 12:30 am. we waited there until almost 2am. then we left. jeff called out pediatrician at 8am. we picked up a prescription at 9.

over breakfast the next morning my mom and sister asked me if i took any pictures of my surroundings. uh no! 

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