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one week in and so far 'pretty' good. there's a smaller stack of laundry, less dishes in the sink, and the house is substantially more quiet... the reality is now setting in.as i type jeff is in route to the upstate. care package in tow. well, if forgotten contact lens and blue jeans count as a care package. we are thankful that jeff's work territory includes clemson. he will by default be seeing a lot more of his boy.
i need to wrap this move in post up before i forget, so many funny college stories have happened since. so here goes...

last friday was our pack up day. we decided last minute to drive up the night before.

of course, no matter how many checklists one makes, a last minute trip to walmart is required! and oh my! walmart in a college town, the night before move in! i wish i had snapped a picture of the madness!  made better only by these tacky tiger shirts! maybe the best $7 walmart purchase ever!

the next morning we were up and out extra early. you could feel the energy in the air! the hotel was bustling, everyone doing the very same thing. i had a lump in my throat and a brick on my heart, so i was very thankful we caravaned to campus.

i received so many sweet and thoughtful messages. the advice that kept being repeated was, "do not let him see you upset." so once jeff and i joined up with the kids, it was mind over matter. no more sadness, let's enjoy this!
again, this monster sized school had the process down to a science. detailed sign, police officers directing traffic, orange everything!

minutes after being directed to our temporary parking space, clemson minions dressed in matching shirts were coming out of the woodwork. we barely touched a thing! in less than 5 minutes the car was completely unpacked, his belongings in route to his dorm room and we were directed to not so temporary parking and the tiger bus... amazing!

once back in his room, it took less than 30 minutes to organized and 'decorate.' if a flag on the wall counts for decorating! 

the size of room surprised me. three of these guys would have fit in my columbia college room.  tee-tiny!  people say students living in the shoeboxes develop tight friendships. literally or metaphorically? ;)
we hugged outside his building ~ no tears except from mary claire. 
bennett set out to meet up with friends. 
we toured campus. did the university order up a purple sky for the occasion?!
i wanted the girls to take this day in. 
we enjoyed lunch in one of the several cafeterias. man alive the cafeterias here NICE! my real camera was mortifying anna katherine, so my pictures stink!

we ended up seeing bennett three more times before we really left and headed home. the set of pictures in the post before were taken after we had said goodbye a few times! :)
 passed this car on the way out. GO austin's mom! why didn't i decorate my car!? anna katherine would have loved all the attention! ;)   i am definitely making a note of this the next move in day!  ;)

Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

I love it! In case Bennett hasn't figured it out yet, my son seems to think the food is better in Schilletter is better than the food in Harcombe. The only downside is that Schilletter isn't open on the weekends.

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