a bad day fishing is still better than...

thanks to a sweet friend, bennett was able to get all of his camping gear for an outdoor adventure this past weekend. clemson sure does have a lot to offer in the outdoor fun department! this weekend bennett is going to tennessee to dangle from high rocks ~ insanity! THIS worries me so much, i can't even worry!

a few more pictures from our weekend at lake jocassee. we tried our hand at fishing. again we left our fishing poles and tackle box at home. so again, we went to the walmart and bought the things we needed. the bundle of budget fishing poles we have acquired this way is in the dozens.
bennett's truck stays packed with his personal fishing equipment. he may forget his pile of clean laundry, but he is prepared when it comes to fishing or fighting fires.
the guy in the walmart sporting goods section was so nice! he offered us heaps of advice for fishing this deep lake. he helped pick lures, bait... all the stuff we needed.
 anna kathereine, always determined to catch the first fish!
bennett was fly fishing and caught a dozen fish. hind sight, we should have verified the walmart guy's fishing tips. or at least gotten a second opinion. 

because the rest of us caught NOTHING! hours on the lake. nothing! later that day we spoke with a park ranger. he informed us that everything we had was wrong for lake jocassee. oh well! it was still some seriously fun family time.

baiting her hook with night crawlers! 

we ended the day with a quick swim under the waterfall.

and an incredible fat rainbow!

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