almost perfect

it was such a nice weekend. i love ending little trips and saying, "now that was just about perfect!"  we visited lake jocassee for the first time. it is in the mountains near clemson.    we had read the history of the lake,  heard marvelous things about this place from kelly.... and it did not disappoint!

how about driving up to waterfalls in your boat? 

how about never once having to worry about the depth? 
lake jocassee is deep! 
and that's an understatement! 300 ft+

i had to include this picture of jeff! 
 showing his teenage daughter some awesome dance moves!
he did the same thing in chick-fil-a the night before!
when the lake is deep and there's not much of a chance you will hit bottom, everyone  drives the boat!
just WOW!

and then we picked up our boy. after two long weeks without him, he was a feast for sore eyes. when these guys were little, i remember leaving them for trips. after a few days, my heart would ache wanting to see them. well, it's still the same feeling, even when they are grownup size!  

just look at this place! 
if there were palm trees and the water was salt instead of fresh, this would be st. thomas!

pull your boat to a waterfall, hop in and swim under! 
no sharks, no alligators, no snakes or big fish... ;)  
(no comment! that's what we went with.)

it was the first clemson football game. bennett and anna katherine left early to watch the game on the jumbo-tron in death valley. it made my heart happy that he loves college life SO much! it made my heart even happier that he wanted to share it with his sister. 
little sister wasn't very happy that she was left behind. i promised her an extra long boat ride. which did not stop the tears!   "after the (long) boat ride, we will stop in town and load up on clemson souvenirs." a little bribery worked. 

mary claire fell asleep.
 jeff and i drove the perimeter of the entire lake. 
 i do love hanging out with my sweetheart!
 there's never a dull moment!

oh my word! it looked like a movie set!

watching this plane land and take off in the water... pretty neat!

to be continued ;)
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