darn it!

before a few weeks ago, the telephone ringing after 11pm would cause my heart to skip a beat.  not so much anymore. now when the phone rings past bedtime, i smile! because the conversation usually goes something like this:

hi mom.
hi buddy!
how long is food good?
as in?
spaghetti. honey sent some the last time i was home.
8 days ago? no. it is not good.

darn it! i've already heated it up and it smells sooo good!
then taste it and see.
heck no! that's gross. i'm not going to risk it,
then throw it away.
darn it! it smells so good. guess it's popcorn again
did you brush and floss?
hello?! i am a grown up!

oops, slipped my mind. i love you, goodnight! brush and floss. 
and shave. please shave!
Living Life in the Lowcountry said...

Aww! Love that!
I mostly get texts from my college boy, but occasionally he will call and it's not really for any particular reason. I mentioned it to my husband and he said "you know why he does that?" I didn't. And he said "it's because he just wants to hear your voice." :(

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