full heart

starting this short week with an extra full heart! we had a wonderful long weekend. three days surrounded by breathtaking scenery, my entire family in one place and glorious fall like weather! mary claire kept saying, "this is a fun day."  everyday.

today (tuesday) we have a home swim meet. and oh how i love a good swim meet. but the pictures? they can be challenging. with the action taking place under water, plus girls are not fans of being photographed without makeup, while wearing a swim cap.  i totally get it!

we are at the beginning of the season and the girls team is blowing it out of the water. the first two meets, they took first place overall. one of anna katherine's relay teams broke the school record!  it's going to be a great season and my goal is not to fall behind documenting. 

mary claire is on B-team and anna katherine is on varsity. this particular meet was varsity only. mary claire spent the day playing on hay bales behind the pool.

the temperature was as hot as blazes! in the shade, in the sun, the kids even said the pool water was hot. jeff and i were the designated bus drivers. we were fortunate enough to get seats in the shades and an endless supply of sugar free shaved ice. and shaved ice needs sugar!! oh the joy of living in the south!

mary claire with two of her classmates. this is what the 95 percentile height looks like. our girl is one tall drink of water!
suddenly a dust devil.  (minus the dust with extra hot devil) it blew away the tents and swirled the pool water. it looked and felt like a 30 second  invisible tornado. just a little action to spice things up!

anna katherine competing against her good friend.

and that's all folks! 
hoping for a great meet tonight!

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