honey take 2

summer catch up. a 'few' more pictures from camp honey. :) my work catalog has been creeping along lately because of the (1000's) of personal pictures i need to back up and delete. i am not a deleter.  i need to learn the art of picture culling. 

on our first morning we had a nice surprise. cows and donkeys at the fence in front of our cabin. man they were cute! i enjoyed watching these guys with coffee in hand. i vowed to get my real camera 'tomorrow' and take a few 'real' pictures. but they never came back! 

honey always bring nail polish. the really really good stuff! roger is just the cutest kid! amongst all these girls he just rolls with it! just last year it was bennett allowing the girls to paint his nails... he was a good sport, taking it off in again and again!
the girls were itching to make a camp fire every day. 
we used the excuse "we can't find the matches." see what they are doing? fire starters! ;)
we found the matches ;) 
and the daily fires began.
you're not gluten free, but so tempting!
this is a what a real southern princess looks like ;)

we made lots of trips to the creeks and woods. we took walks, climbed water falls and splashed in the rivers. the most fun can be had for free!

sarah anne is my picture go to girl! 
always willing to pose for a picture!
 she's my sweetheart!

and this little princess...

this made me smile. not sure what i was saying!!

my little crew had to leave a day early. i had a saturday wedding. our last little outing, before we hit the road, was to a small amusement park at the top of a mountain. pretty neat!

we are thinking on a plan for next year. thinking about changing things up a bit. hopefully to give honey more one on one time with the kids. i know honey felt at times like she was standing in a whirlwind with flying toys, campfires, popsicles... racetracks to tea parties to teenagers on phones. it was a whirlwind with the age span. but one thing for sure... we love our time together!

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