first time

it was the first clemson home game, my son had fabulous tickets... but he decided to make his first visit home. not because his blood isn't yet running orange! trust me, he is LOVING life at clemson.

we (as is bennett, his parents and a debit card) are still working through some kinks. the whole managing your 'spending money' has been the biggest adjustment. 

he didn't join a fraternity, which i hear can be very expensive. he did however join the dive club, the rock climbing club, the 'some kind of gun' club and the rowing club.  next weekend one of his clubs are off for a weekend retreat. (that's some serious tiger bonding!) 

new hobbies mean new gear. lots of new gear! he needs to learn that college kids (with a full meal plan) do not need $10 cups of coffee or $20 dinners at chipotle. he needs to learn to live within his spending money means. 

SO ~ he gave away his football tickets and drove home to earn 'club money.'  this sounds cruel to some, i now know. gasp! missing the first college game to paint the shutters on your house! life lessons must be taught and learned. 

so this weekend our boy was home... painting all of the shutters.
next weekend he will be living it up, in his new gear here:

i will admit is was so nice to have him home. we loved hearing all of his stories. that boy keeps us laughing! 
he is SO happy! 
which makes us over the moon happy!
the girls helped out, they were itching to go shopping. 
they pressured washed 12 years of dirt from under the shutters.
sending tree frogs flying everywhere!
bennett threw a few on his sisters. some things never change! 
the sticky-ness of these innocent little creatures freaks the females out! 

it was a fabulous visit!
i just wonder how many times he will have say goodbye before leaving does not make me sad!?

Anonymous said...

So nice to know my son is not the only one with a meal plan and still wanting food and drink outside of the cafeteria lol :) love reading your posts.

Charles and Angela McCall said...

You are a goooooood mommy.

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