ordinary days

 these days have been filled with the ordinary. which i am learning to appreciate more and more these days. lately there has been so much going on around us. in the world, in our community, in our church, at our school, at my son's school. some good, some not so good, some life changing! this week i have been giving extra thanks for my ordinary days. we are happy, healthy, safe and sound. thank you GOD!
i am in the midst of senior picture season. 
my dear friend's daughter ella, is a senior this year. 
amy's listening ear was such a huge help to me when i had a senior!

swim. swim.swim. four weekdays and every saturday. 
my girls are doing great! anna katherine has shattered the school record in back stroke twice! 
the hilton head meet is always a highlight of the season.  since we were minus our man sized child, we took daddy's company car. it's small, but the gas is free, plus it has been known to jump trains! ;)

my morning prayer always involves safe travel for my husband and children. i am thankful every single day when everyone arrives home safe and sound!
when you live surrounded by trees, the fall means lots and lots of leaves. jeff has hard at work getting ready!
nothing makes my man feel like a man like heavy equipment. 
sometimes even when a rake will suffice, he opts for the tractor.
weekly papers. she is a pretty smart cookie!
her big states and capitals test is this week. what these fifth graders are required to do is amazing. more on this test later! 

my car has just reached the 200,000 mile mark! woo-hoo! this suburban is deserving of a metal and a heap of new parts!

 i am determined to get another 100,000 miles! my husband (after realized the tow truck driver knows me by name) is determined to say goodbye.  fingers crossed for the 300,000 mile mark! 

we have successfully found good homes for all of our kittens! 
except two. 
~baby betsy~
the momma cat is is scheduled for surgery tomorrow! 
she always has a sour look on her face :)
the kittens have been moved from my studio to the porch right outside my office. i sometimes leave the door open and work with them on my lap!
dexter was the pick of the liter spring 2014! he is already a mouser, spending his days hunting with kittyboy. he is going to be a big-big cat!
see? just the ordinary!
and i am so thankful!

Cheryl said...

Lovely. I am so grateful for the uneventful in my life. Thank you for your posts. They calm my heart.

Chana said...

Beautiful writing. Thank u for sharing.

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