it is safe to say that we have gotten lots of goodie from these babies! 
and now the time has come to start finding good homes. as cute as they are, praise God they are eating a little earlier than expected! 
the momma cat is pretty chill this go round. 
 i mean 12 babies in 4 months... i would be so over it! 
this batch was born in my studio. seeing them throughout the day, everyday has made us pretty attached.  all seven are very very tame!  once all SEVEN of these guys started using the liter box (on a regular basis) they were booted to the porch!

i can see it on the faces of our UPS and Fed-x guys:  "these people have a lot of cats!" my cleaning lady asks me every week, "now how many cats do you have?" my standard answer, "too many!" it's not like i am going to tell her we have TWELVE cats! 
mary claire went to work on a cardboard cat village. 

expensive cat condos don't stand a chance compared to these recycled hide outs!

so we need homes for two more calicos.

this blue eyed calico is our keeper. we named her ovaline... olive for short. her name came from a small hair salon right outside of seneca SC called, "ovaline's hair shack. cuts and curls for gurls and boys."  mary claire begged to name her ovaline.  

she was the runt of the liter, born with two 'twisted' front feet. (her feet weren't really twisted, but apparently that's the label assigned to this birth defect.)  it was predicted that without an expensive surgery she would not be able to walk. "consider having her euthanized." we went with the third option; daily foot massages. 
chalie is ready to see his friends leave! 
they have taken over his porch bed! 

this was the scene sunday morning...

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